The Kills :: Midnight Boom


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1. U.R.A. Fever Listen Listen
2. Cheap And Chearful Listen Listen
3. Tape Song Listen Listen
4. Getting Down Listen Listen
5. Last Day Of Magic Listen Listen
6. Hook And Line Listen Listen
7. Black Balloon Listen Listen
8. M.E.X.I.C.O.C.U

9. Sour Cherry Listen Listen
10. Alphabet Pony Listen Listen
11. What New York Used To Be Listen Listen
12. Goodnight Bad Morning Listen Listen


MP3: The Kills :: U.R.A. Fever
MP3: "Cheap And Cheerful"

From Midnight Boom
MP3: The Kills-”Cheap and Cheerful”

From No Wow
MP3: The Kills-”Love is a Deserter”

From Keep On Your Mean Side

MP3: The Kills-”Kissy Kissy”

Amazon: The Kills - Midnight Boom

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