The Offspring "Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace"

The Offspring (anglais : la progéniture) est un groupe de punk rock californien, formé à Garden Grove, Californie près de Los Angeles en 1987. Il est devenu l'un des pionniers du punk rock californien depuis la sortie de l'album Smash en 1994.

MP3 :: Hammerhead from Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace (buy here)

pour un petit historique:

MP3 :: Jennifer Lost the War from The Offspring released 1989
MP3 :: Get It Right from Ignition released 1992
MP3 :: Gotta Get Away from Smash released 1994
MP3 :: The Meaning Of Life from Ixnay on the Hombre released 1997
MP3 :: Have You Ever from Americana released 1998
MP3 :: Come Out Swinging from Conspiracy of One released 2000
MP3 :: Race Against Myself from Splinter released 2003

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