Pearl Jam Live & Rareté

Anything In Between (unreleased, Binaural outtake, 1999)
In The Moonlight (rough mix, Binaural outtake, 1999)
Fatal (rough mix, Binaural outtake, 1999)
Sad (a.k.a. Letter to the Dead, rough mix, Binaural outtake, 2000)
Wishing Well (live) (written by The Free, Mookie Blaylock, 1990)
Hitchhikers (rough mix, Binaural outtake, 1999)
Puzzle And Game (unreleased, vastly different demo of "Light Years", Binaural outtake, 2000)
Education (rough mix, Binaural outtake, 1999)
Sweet Lew (rough mix, Yield outtake, 1997)
Sunburn (unreleased, w/ Stone on vocals, No Code outtake, 1995)
Hold On (rough mix, Ten outtake, 1991)
(Just A) Girl (rough mix, Ten outtake, 1990)
Alone (rough mix, lyrics differ from Lost Dogs version, Ten outtake, 1991)
Brother (rough mix w/ different vocals, Ten outtake, 1990)
Don't Gimme No Lip (rough mix, No Code outtake, 1996)
Bee Girl (on Rockline, KISW FM, Seattle, 10/18/1993)
"New" Jeremy (live version from Red Rocks, CO, 06/20/1995)

LIVE Lollapalooza
Capture audio de: AT&T BlueRoom video feed
Why Go, Corduroy, Save You, Do The Evolution, Elderly Woman Behind The Counter in a Small Town, Severed Hand, Education, Even Flow, Given To Fly, World Wide Suicide, improv: Don't Go BP/Amoco, Lukin, Not For You, Daughter/Another Brick In The Wall, State of Love and Trust (!!), Wasted Reprise, Alive.
ENCORE 1: Betterman/Save It For Later (!!), Crazy Mary, Life Wasted, Rearviewmirror (!!)
ENCORE 2: (new song) No More w/ Ben Harper, Rockin In The Free World w/ Ben Harper and "a bunch of people on stage"

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